Mochikom is a unique restaurant wine delivery service that offers you a vast selection of the world’s best wines and allows you to enjoy them in your favourite restaurants at close to regular shop prices.

How it works

Next time you book a table at your favourite restaurant browse our extensive wine list and purchase your favourite bottle(s). Or if you’re after a particular bottle for a special occasion just let us know: if it’s commercially available chances are we can get it for you.

We’ll send your chosen bottle(s) directly to the restaurant where it(they) can be prepared for optimal drinking pleasure in advance of service. You turn up at the time of your reservation and your bottles will be ready and waiting for you. You’ll buy the wines from us at wholesale prices + a small margin then pay corkage to the restaurant. That way you’ll end up paying regular shop prices (sometimes even less for more expensive bottles) and avoid steep mark-ups, potentially bringing you massive savings. Use the savings to buy more wine, upgrade your menu choices, or dine out more often. It’s never been a better time to be a wine lover.