Downtown Abbey

Downtown Abbey Lifestyle Management: for life is too short to do your own laundry

Downtown Abbey is a reasonably priced comprehensive lifestyle management service that is included as part of our guest management services.

From sorting out restaurant reservations to making travel arrangements to managing household chores, our white gloves and little black book are at your disposal to help you get the most from life.

Jeeves comes to Tokyo!

Here are some ideas of how we may be of assistance  – but basically your imagination’s the limit.

Restaurant reservations Leave it to us to do the calling and waiting in line.

Costco sweep It can be the third circle of hell – especially at week-ends – but the prices are unbeatable so we’ve got to grim and bear it from time to time – especially those of us with kids. Or maybe we don’t. Yes, you can leave the shopping to us and spend the half day saved in clover at the spa. Or watching catch up tv.

Life is too short to do your own laundry  We’ll pick up your clothes, wash and dry them and return them same day. We’ve got a proper front load washing machine that uses hot water so your clothes will actually come back clean too. That’s a bonus.

Feed my cat (dog, raccoon, etc) Going away and don’t want to leave your four legged friend at the hotel? We’ll come and look after them at home. Just introduce us first so we don’t get bitten!

Walk my dog It’s great exercise but sometimes it’s difficult to find the time.

Water my flowers If you’re planning to be away and would like someone to pop in from time to time to sort out mail, water the flowers or whatever, then we’re on hand.

Did I leave the iron on? For those Alzheimer moments when you’ve dashed away to the office for that 7AM meeting but have a nagging worry that you’ve left something on back home we can pop around to give you peace of mind.

Locked myself out Leave a spare set with us and if you’re ever in one of those desperate situations you can call on us

Passport at home ************!!! I’ve just arrived at Narita and I’ve left my passport at home and my flight leaves in  two hours. Give us a call, we’re not promising anything but we can try to help with an emergency visit home to find said document and whisk it over to you.

I hate banks If banking in Japan raises your blood pressure send us instead.

Carwash One can’t be seen in a filthy Mayerbach but sometimes one’s valet is indisposed so we’ll come to you instead with appropriate shampoos and sponges.

On call butler If your regular butler is on holiday or you don’t have one and need some ad hoc assistance with household chores – e.g. washing up after a party – help is at hand.

Travel desk We’ve got access to a desk of real travel geeks who’ll find you great deals.

Pay my bills No longer any need to worry about missing your bills and risking having the electricity turned off – we’ll take care of payments. Or if you’re a small business and need some assistance with month-end processing so you can concentrate on running the day to day we can help you.

Small business support We’ll take care of back office functions allowing you to focus on running the business

Airbnb servicing If you’re running an Airbnb and need assistance changing sheets, cleaning the house, etc.

Hostess with the mostess If you’d like a hand arranging your swanky home soiree give us a call: we can assist with anything from catering to choosing the right wine, arranging the flowers to serving and washing up afterwards. Leave the stressful stuff to us and you can get on with entertaining your guests.

Bring me wine If you’re stuck at home with nothing decent to drink we’ll bring over a bottle of something decent. Or you can pop out to the local Convenience Store for a bottle of Yellow Tail or its crittery bedfellows. Your choice.

Wine cellar If you’ve got any half decent wine you’ll want to look after it properly. The problem is  that not many Tokyo appartments have cellars and those fancy Eurocave cellars cost a fortune in Japan. So we’ll look after your wine for you in our temperature and humidity controlled wine warehouse.

Birthday / anniversary reminder We’ve all been there: a loved one’s been acting strangely distant all day and suddenly at 6pm the coin drops. It’s their birthday / our anniversary. Cue panicked trip to the nearest available store and Oscar winning “of course I didn’t forget” performance. Give us all your important dates and we’ll make sure this never happens again. We can also make suggestions and do the shopping for you.

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor Should you be in need of a good accountant, lawyer or doctor – or painter, electrician, plumber – we’re happy to consult our little black book of Tokyo’s finest.

Hand written thank you letters It may be old school these days, but what better acknowledgement of a dinner party at a friend’s place than a proper handwritten letter in ink on Smythson’s finest parchment.

Manners maketh man We can provide bespoke finishing school type services to make sure you’re primed for entry into polite society.